Poison Mash [Hardcover]

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About the Author

Myra Fairchild began writing at an early age and has written poetry all her life.  She has attended school all her life and been involved in all manner of making art from cooking to painting, designing ways to use or recycle old clothing, and found objects.  Having grown up in the country on a farm, she understands the importance of using everything in its entirety and believes in eating home-grown food, growing free-range chickens, and farming.  To quote her parents, It is so important for us to be good stewards of the environment.  We should never be guilty of wasting the wonderful water afforded us, polluting the soil, nor abusing the air.  The air, land, and water work in tandem and the earth is a living organism and must be treated with respect in order that it continue to live.  Myra was active in Summer Theatre and attended Yarmouth Summer Theatres as a youngster.  She was a participant in several community theatres as an actress.  Myra studied painting from Charles Bell who painted portraiture of Hollywood actors such as Paul Roberson and he designed the first fiberglass boats for Shell Oil.  Myra spent a great deal of time traveling when the world was still glorious and open and full of lively human beings ... She wonders often what has gone so wrong and if the present population is asleep.