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The Cheese Knife is crafted of unique material and designed in a way that keeps the cheese on the plate, not on the knife. The knife was originally intended for use on soft cheese, yet it is equally effective with butter, boiled eggs, cake, or any substance that typically sticks or leaves a residue on ordinary blades.

The origin of The Cheese Knife dates back to the 1940's. A gentleman by the name of Harold Fairchild designed military devices for the U.S. Government through his firm, Fairchild Engineering, during WWII. However, when at home in the kitchen, Harold always wanted a knife that would cut his favorite cheese, Velveeta, so that it would not stick to the knife. "Fancy" cheeses were nonexistent in this country during that time and if they were, most Americans could not afford them.

Harold designed the knife, but never manufactured this tool for the broader market, it was only to indulge himself. Decades later, Myra Fairchild and her husband Robert Fairchild were cleaning out the garage; and while going through boxes of memorabilia they discovered the drafts and notes for the knife which Robert's father had stored away for safe-keeping long ago. Myra and Robert decided it might be fun to see if this idea was truly viable, so they produced a beta of the knife. To their delight, they found that it did indeed do exactly what Harold intended it for! Thus, The Cheese Knife was born.

Myra Fairchild continued to nurture and grow the business after Robert's passing, bringing the manufacturing back to the US. Unfortunately, Myra's health has declined in recent years and her daughter, Tara Schon, has stepped in with the intention of keeping The Cheese Knife legacy alive by honoring Harold's WWII era idea, as well as Myra and Robert Fairchild's dedication to bringing this unique tool to kitchens around the world.

We are proud to produce our products in the USA, and with environmentally conscious packaging.

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