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"The Cheese Knife is by far my favorite knife. I have a variety of other knives and I always find myself reaching for this one."   

-Brett, dad & avid cook

In honor of Myra Fairchild who created this one-of-a-kind tool, and Mother's Day, this knife is on sale for the month of May!


Standard or Serrated Blade options


The Cake Knife doubles as a decorating tool and cake-cutting wonder. Use the straight edge as a scraper, or the serrated version for perfect frosted ridges! When you are finished perfecting your look, both versions will slice the cake nicely. There is no other tool on the market like this one!


The Cake Knife is a cake cutting wonder. Perfect slices of cake have always been said to be cut with a thin, sharp blade to maintain the slices without crumbling apart. Our Cake Knife takes the cake, if you ask us! With its signature drafted blade and Ultem Resin coating you can heat this knife for a perfect slice of the most delicate cake, and it will slip right off the blade and onto your plate with less fuss than a large chef's knife. The unique shape of this knife makes it ideal for cutting perfect portions of sheet cake... and did you know- it is kid-friendly!


The Serrated blade option is ideal for bread and soft fruit like tomatoes, or melon (not the rind). Use this blade on raw bread dough to make perfect top cuts for even baking.


Available in Gray.


Get these unique knives while they last!  


    Limited Issue Cake Knife WS

    $16.00 Regular Price
    $12.80Sale Price
    • The knife blade measures a total of 4.95 inches long by 3.2 inches high.  The total length with handle is 9.7 inches.   


      Note: Product dimensions are approximate, knife ships in an eco-friendly sleeve.


      Quick Facts

      • Unique drafted Blade
      • Made of ULTEM® Resin
      • Heat Resistance to 430F
      • Stain Resistant
      • Dishwasher Safe
      • Soft Comfort Grip
      • FDA Approved
      • Made in USA
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